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NoicaA > ^ .. j^ : 15 K ^ f" r ^\i=3 COT3O . xa jjx=>o C. a 30 b f. C om. ran C M ^o M ^=u^\^ M. M M + C m C + ^w^un C M + T^X ^V^ *- C M i-ii^a^^ 1 f <^=Ai^ j f. 4b k C M c C + a C M om. h 7^ I<^AZ-^O M d t^"\\-n i C C ^T-^=> " *-* C om. 25 r C + ^*i3E- s C. f. 31 a ~ C om. P C *x C jiTL^o D G. I. 23 OK* ^Acn a C ^ooai=no e~e C 1 CM C i C oiirtr. M ^ro n^a om. om. t^Ao b om. ~ b C om. si M. C M c f. 4a M A^^^ C VA-oo n V ao f r<Ai vy ^ C.

8 O03 Is. 53. OV-^QI Matt. 7. X. rc i 14 a M **A=^ f f S. sC + i S + f. 72 a, 1. ^003 -=>o^\ n-S b ^cvr^ra C om. ajruno d 7 M. i f. C 8 a C +\r* S. f. ~ M -^o^n on^ C M S k S om. 72 b 1 Cod. \O *oo*=*>* q 33 c C f i- P-P S om. C. M TO S. m f. C f. 36 a om. 003 72 a, 1. 1 1 oV"^^ C. f. l . l ^ . II. 0 3 M. C f. om. 7 b ^A d b M -^ C M ^n^ C M om. of7i=o K*A\ocoAr< C + *^03 ^U3^=a^\^ ^0071=30X0^ C h M . f C M Com. ^i. i o^ C. f. 35 b ^^^ corrected to ^^oA nc 32 MATTHEW cnl en.

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