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The facts grows day-by-day that a lot studying failure effects from undetected early youth listening to difficulties (Gordon 1977). for the reason that the kid is disadvantaged of the country of acute listening to sensitivity usually current at start which makes it attainable to acknowledge the loudness degrees and period of every person sound. this is often how a baby learns the signifi­ cance of the slightest adaptations within the caliber of every sound as he collects info from the surroundings via all his senses, and the which means of those alterations is skilled and understood. due to general sensory event and response with the surroundings the multisensory platforms are used and constructed. equally, the expansion of the mind is motivated to make attainable the garage of infor­ mation and to provide the biochemical country essential to transmit and relate the sensory info so accumulated and saved (Monckeberg and Prescott, 1975). If the loudness point of sound is decreased so too is its impression. during this shape a baby's common 'startle reaction' to a legitimate, such as the flickering open of the eyes, isn't skilled. This reaction of the eyes is a searching out of a legitimate resource. The visible localizing of sound resources, resulting in the antiCipation in their spatial place, arises from the facility to listen to the high-quality adjustments of pitch and loudness degrees considering movement.

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Encourage the child also to listen for cars coming from the distance. Watching cars come and go can be a useful exercise in learning to judge distance, direction and spatial position through hearing and vision. If the child is a little clumsy it could be that he has lacked sufficient opportunity to learn this spatial position. When the child has played the train game many times so that he can recognize and copy quite small changes in loudness levels, again show him the pictures of the train coming from the distance and then going off again, and ask him to play the sound that matches the picture.

3. 2. 6. 7. 5. 4. 8. 9. Building up movement sequences, gradually increasing in length, is yet another important factor in the activity programme for the development of memory span, for example two jumps, four walking steps, two hops on the left foot, one turn, two hops on the right foot. A trampoline is also an excellent apparatus for use in this type of work as learning is enhanced by experiencing the accompanying vibrations. Normal ballet training of course provides the same kind of experiences, and is an activity educationally justifiable in its own right.

A child learns what is considered to be important by observing the involvement of the adults around him. Music is not an isolated, activity but one of cheerful anticipation and participation with others. On the piano show the child which is middle C by looking at the photograph above and then finding the correct note on the piano. The teacher can also tune the voice to the note C on 66 The second step the piano, but the child should not be allowed to practise on his own until he is clearly able to find the correct note without any difficulty, although he should be helped to reach this stage as soon as possible.

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