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By Margie Palatini

Moose thinks he has all his Christmas arrangements handled, yet on the final minute he needs to get a hold of an alternative to the Christmas tree.

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However, they have been mainly perceived as a discussion or an interpretation of debates elaborated elsewhere, first of all in the United Kingdom and in the US. In the international debate it is taken for granted that France and the UK have developed different approaches to ethnicity, and the French universalist approach appears as a national exception. However, if we turn to the British case, we can verify that, despite a very different political approach to immigration issues, the growing visibility of a generation of immigrants’ children since the 1980s has also been a turning point in the perception and interpretation of inclusion/exclusion issues.

Overall, the literature elaborated to analyse the situation of the children of immigrants from the 1970s to the 1990s has taught us a great deal about that generation and their way of life. This literature has focused specifically on the social integration of the children of immigrants, their social mobility, their family relationships and ethnic networks. Fresh and revised analysis of this type continues in the more recent literature towards the new formulation of concepts of assimilation or integration.

3 Hence, in our research we were particularly interested in the generation unit represented by the children of immigrants who share, more specifically, the ambivalence of being at the same time in and out, the The Future of Immigrants’ Children 31 experience of multiple belonging, the need to fit into the context as well as the need to claim recognition and equal opportunities. However, in sociological literature, the concept of generation is generally used with the meaning of generation location, to point out the characteristics of a cohort of people in a specific historic context.

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