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By Angelika Kratzer

This e-book comprises up-to-date and considerably revised models of Angelika Kratzer's vintage papers on modals and conditionals, together with "What 'must' and 'can' needs to and will mean," "Partition and Revision," "The Notional type of Modality," "Conditionals," "An research of the Lumps of Thought," and "Facts: details or details Units?" The book's contents upload as much as one of the most vital paintings on modals and conditionals particularly and at the semantics-syntax interface extra as a rule. it is going to be of critical curiosity to linguists and philosophers of language of all theoretical persuasions.

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15 Suppose, for example, that there is a world w that is better than any other world. We would now predict that all propositions containing w are equally good possibilities. W and {w} should be equipossible, then. The old deWnition may still do well in certain cases where the propositions to be compared can be assumed to be mutually disjoint, as is common in moral reasoning. We are assuming disjoint alternatives, for example, when we say that praying and doing good is better than just praying. The new deWnition is not without problems either.

It would then be part of the vagueness of modal expressions that, sometimes, it remains genuinely underdetermined which proposition was expressed (Lewis (1979a) and Pinkal (1977, 1979) have relevant proposals; now also von Fintel and Gillies (forthcoming)). There might also be problems if a sentence contains more than one modal, each requiring a conversational background of its own. To account for this, we would have to split up utterance situations further and consider separate utterances for each modal.

Given the rumor, Roger must have been elected chief. b. Dem Geru¨cht nach, soll Roger zum Ha¨uptling gewa¨hlt The rumor after, modal Roger to-the chief elected worden sein. been be. ’ (8b) merely reports what the rumor says and allows the speaker to distance herself from it. (8a) suggests that the speaker considers the rumor a reliable source of information. This means that for (8a), the rumor is seen as feeding a realistic conversational background representing available evidence, not an informational one representing the content of the rumor.

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