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By R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig (auth.), R. M. Whiteside, A. Wilson, S. Blackburn, S. E. Hörnig, C. P. Wilson (eds.)

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Eng)nes)or civil and military aircraft; maintenance. ), Eric d'Hondt (Technical Director), Kris Mortelmans (Director Controller), FranQois Smet (General Manager Operations), Bruno Valkeniers (Commercial Director), FranQois van Geel (Director Administration), Hubert Vanleenhove (Director Container Operations), Ludo Verbinnen (Director Accountancy and Taxes), Marino Vermeersch (Director HRM). 90 BF'OOO BF'OOO Sales turnover 8,055,000 9,217,696 Profit (loss) after tax 86,145 (82,610) Share capital 500,000 500,000 Shareholders funds 824,641 880,000 No of Employees: 2,800 HIMONT BELGIUM Mercure Centre, Rakestraat 100, PO Box 14, B-1130 Bruxelles Tel: (02) 724 79 11 No of Employees: 310 Telex: 63 931 himont b Tele;ax: (02) 720 83 85 HONDA EUROPE NV Management: R J Mommaerts (Managing Director) 104 Langerbruggestraat, B-9000 Gent Tel: (091) 5002 11 Telex: 12 559 hondag b Telefax: (091) 51 61 92 Senior Executives: A H Colson, G Lesca, C Cogliatti, M Westhovens (Finance Director) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Production of resins and plastics for the automobile, textile and packaging industries Trade Names: Aslryn, Moplen, Pro-Fax, Vallec 0, Board of Directors: H Ikari, J-J Vis, S Miake, I Itoh, T lida, J-P De Gryse, S Ichimi Parent Company: Monledison SpA, Italy Management: H Ikari, J-J Vis, J-P De Gryse, S Ichimi Principal Bankers: Generale Bank; Banque Bruxelles Lambert; Kredietbank; Bank of America Senior Executives: A Galle, B Goossens, A De Leenheer, W Lammertyn, R Lambertin .

V. GMC NV UK: London; USA: New York. REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES: Brazil: Sao Paulo; China: Beijing, Shanghai; Hong Kong (Banque Beige Ltd); India: Bombay; Indonesia: Jakarta; Iran: Tehran; Japan: Tokyo; Mexico: Mexico City; Thailand: Bangkok; Turkey: Istanbul; USSR: Moscow. SUBSIDIARIES: Generale Bank and Trust (Bahamas) Ltd (Nassau, Bahamas); Genconsultoria (Sao Paulo, Brazil); Banque Beige (Guernsey) Ltd (Guernsey); Banque Beige Trust Company Ltd (Guernsey); Generale de Banque Beige (France) SA (Lille, Paris, France); Generale Bank & Co (Aachen, Koln, Germany); Generale de Banque Beige pour l'Etranger-Generale Bank Overseas (Belgium)-Belgian Bank (Hong Kong); Generale Belgian Finance Company Ltd (Hong Kong); Belga Finanziaria SpA (Milan, Italy); Societe Financiere Cogeba Gonet Luxembourg SA (Luxembourg); Genservicios SA (Madrid, Spain); Compagnie de Gestion et de Banque Gonet SA (Geneva, Nyon, Switzerland); Banque Beige Ltd (London, UK); Generale Investment Banking Corporation (New York, USA).

GERMANY: Vegla-Vereinigte Glaswerke GmbH (Vegla); Vegla-Vereinigte Glashandels-Gesellschaft mbH (VGG); SGI GSR oHG. ARGENTINA: Vidrieria Argentina sa; Isotex sa; Borealis sa; Santa Lucia Cristal sacit. BELGIUM: Exprover sa; Burniat sa; Wagener Jowaco sa; Glorieux sa; Miroiteries Hanin; Boermans Glasindustrie sa; Romato SA; BG Glas SA. 5%); Van Hemelrijck; Vision Centers. A. A. 99 HAUTERAT ET WATTEYNE SA-NV Rue de la loi 8, B-4020 Liege Tel: (041) 426050 Management: Albert Diehl (Administrateur Delegue), Daniel Huet (Vice President), Yves Ragougneau (Vice President) Telex: 41659 hauwat b Te/efax: (041) 41 29 08 Senior Executives: Pierre Meyers (Dlrecteur Financier) Board of Directors: Pierre Thiry (President), Pierre Lamarche (Administrateur Delegue) PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES: Military weapons and ammunition; weapon systems; engineering.

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