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By Lobke Aelbrecht, Liliane Haegeman, Rachel Nye

Main Clause Phenomena: New Horizons takes the learn of major Clause Phenomena (MCP) into the twenty first century, with no neglecting the origins of the subject. It brings jointly paintings by way of either demonstrated and up-and-coming students, who current analyses for a variety of MCP, from quite a few languages, with a selected specialize in debris and contract markers, complementizers and verb moment, and the licensing of MCP in several forms of clauses. along with enriching the empirical area, this quantity additionally engages with the theoretical query of the way top to seize the distribution of MCP and, particularly, to what quantity they're embeddable and why. the various styles and analyses offered problem the concept MCP represent a homogeneous type. Main Clause Phenomena: New Horizons is of curiosity not only to students focusing on the learn of MCP, yet to all linguists attracted to the syntax and/or semantics of the clause.

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Emonds (1985) uses Alternative Realization for such Augmented structure preservation and the Tensed S Constraint  (19) Generalized Merger/Alternative Realization (“AR”). A syntactic feature F canonically positioned in LF on category β can be Â�alternatively realized in a closed class morpheme under γ, provided that some projections of β and γ are sisters. Emonds (2000: Chapter 4) argues that AR covers many familiar syntactic and morphological processes. For example, it is the best mechanism for assigning case to DPs, and more generally covers almost all of what traditional grammar calls “inflection”.

Emonds, Joseph. 2000. Lexicon and Grammar: The English Syntacticon. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Emonds, Joseph. 2004. Unspecified categories as the key to root constructions. In Â�Peripheries: Syntactic Edges and their Effects, David Adger, Cécile De Cat & George Tsoulas (eds), 75–120. Dordrecht: Kluwer. Emonds, Joseph. 2005. Syntactic conditions on phonetically empty morphemes. In Organizing Grammar. Linguistic Studies in Honor of Henk van Riemsdijk, Hans Broekhuis, Norbert Corver, Riny Huybregts, Ursula Kleinhenz & Jan Koster (eds), 111–121.

Earlier generative studies stipulate that root transformational movements are simply exempt from constraints on landing sites of movements. Two recent more restrictive theories remedy this. Rizzi (1997) restricts landing sites to SPEC and head positions of specially labeled projections such as TopP and FocP. Emonds (2004) proposes rather that such root projections (“Discourse Shells”) have no labels. This essay argues that root movements are then subject, like all others, to Structure Preservation, and that their landing sites are better conceived as SPECs and heads of “label-less” or a-categorial projections.

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