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The booklet has no illustrations or index. dealers are entitled to a loose trial club within the common Books membership the place they could choose between greater than 1000000 books at no cost. matters: Fiction / normal; faith / Hinduism / Sacred Writings; heritage / Asia / India

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By thy grace and by thy valour,” sad Yudhishthir thus replies, “By thy presence, noble Krishna, I performed this high emprise, By thy all-subduing glory monarchs bore Yudhishthir's sway, Came with gifts and costly presents, came their tributes rich to pay, Must thou part? ” Then unto Yudhishthir's mother, pious-hearted Krishna hies, And in accents love-inspiring thus to ancient Pritha cries: “Regal fame and righteous glory crown thy sons, reveréd dame, Joy thee in their peerless prowess, in their holy spotless fame, May thy sons' success and triumph cheer a widowed mother's heart, Grant me leave, O noble lady!

Oft when evening's shades descended, mantling o'er the wood and lea, When Draupadi by the cottage cooked the food beneath the tree, Rishis came to good Yudhishthir, sat beside his evening fires, Many olden tales recited, legends of our ancient sires. ” said Yudhishthir, “if unbidden tears will start, But the woes of fair Draupadi grieve a banished husband's heart, By her tears the saintly woman broke my bondage worse than death, By my sins she suffers exile and misfortune's freezing breath! Dost thou, sage and saintly rishi, know of wife or woman born, By such nameless sorrow smitten, by such strange misfortune torn?

I Forest Life In the dark and pathless forest long the Pandav brothers strayed, In the bosom of the jungle with the fair Draupadi stayed, And they killed the forest red-deer, hewed the gnarléd forest wood, From the stream she fetched the water, cooked the humble daily food, In the morn she swept the cottage, lit the cheerful fire at eve, But at night in lonesome silence oft her woman's heart would grieve, Insults rankled in her bosom and her tresses were unbound,— So she vowed,—till fitting vengeance had the base insulters found!

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