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By Andy Merrifield

Following his highly well known publication, The knowledge of Donkeys, Andy Merrifield breathes new lifestyles into the Marxist culture. Magical Marxism calls for anything extra of conventional Marxism -- anything extra fascinating and freeing. It asks that we think a Marxism that strikes past debates approximately type, the position of the country and the dictatorship of the proletariat. In escaping the formalist straitjacket of orthodox Marxist critique, Merrifield argues for a reconsideration of Marxism and its strength, utilizing formerly unexplored techniques to Marxist considering that would show important new modes of political activism and debate. This publication will galvanize and encourage in equivalent degree. It supplies us a Marxism for the twenty first century, which bargains dramatic new percentages for political engagement.

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What a pity the left can’t dream up its own equivalent fictitious life-form and then make it real. True, this financial system is a reality necessary for the functioning of capitalist society, for collapsing temporal and spatial barriers to accumulation, for lubricating the free flow of capital between different spheres of production and exchange, for financing costly “fixed capital” assets (like factories, warehouses, offices, and infrastructural developments); true, too, this fantasy world of predicting financial futures and creating imaginary stock ahead of actual commodity production is very risky.

By “not getting real,” I mean a refusal, a denial, of the “real world,” of the reality imposed upon people across the globe. As such, Magical Marxism, as I’ll construe it here, is no longer a Marxist “science,” a science of exposing real truth hiding behind false appearance; it’s rather about inventing other truths, about expanding the horizons of possibility, about showing how people can turn a project of life into a life-project that blooms. In a nutshell, the thesis I want to explore in this book is that Magical Marxism is about invention not discovery, about irrationality not rationality.

Marx, for Holloway, remains someone who can expose bourgeois sleights of hand to reveal the hidden world of capitalist alienation, demonstrating the “root” cause of people’s subjugation and domination. Does Holloway really believe that? Do people around the world need Marx to reveal the root of their misery, to correct the illusions and lacunas of their vision of everyday reality? Don’t they know this all too well themselves? Aren’t they bludgeoned by a system that’s all too obvious to them, that has absolutely no desire to conceal anything because it’s based on Merrifield T02187 01 text 36 24/12/2010 10:46 living an illusion 37 raw, naked and highly visible power, on a brute force that doesn’t need unmasking by anyone?

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