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By Denis Cunningham, David E. Ingram, Kenneth Sumbuk

The Southwest Pacific from Southern China via Indonesia, Australia and the Pacific Islands constitutes the richest linguistic area of the realm. That wealthy source can't be taken with no consideration. a few of its languages have already been misplaced; many extra are lower than hazard. The problem is to explain the languages that exist this day and to undertake rules that would help their upkeep.

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Obviously, the level of use varies: • 1% are present in education but the use is not specified; • 7% are used orally, as an instrument for teaching given in another language; • 8% are taught as a specific subject (as a second language); • 26% are present only in pre-school or the early school years; • 13% are extensively present in primary education and part of secondary, though with some difficulties; • 12% are present throughout the school system but not across the whole population; and • 33% of the languages were not used in teaching at all.

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