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Elizarenkova, might be the best dwelling pupil of the Rand definitely its maximum linguist, explains the following the relationships among a really advanced grammatical method and the peculiarities of favor of the archaic non secular poetry. The laudatory hymn is handled as an act of verbal conversation among the poet Rand the deity, with the hymn itself transmitting yes details from guy to god. From this standpoint, the hymn is used as a method to keep up a round trade of presents among the Rand their gods. Many peculiarities of the functioning of the grammatical procedure of the infrequent interpreted in reference to the version of the universe of the Vedic Aryan. for instance, the idea that of time as a round method bears heavily at the use of the verbal grammatical different types of demanding and temper; the personification of a few summary forces can clarify a few irregularities within the functioning of the nominal class of gender; and the assumption of magical strength attributed to the Sacred Speech more often than not, and to the identify of a god specifically, underlies the mystical grammar of this spiritual poetry.

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25 Sometimes this phenomenon manifests itself in the transfer of the enemies' attributes to the gods and their worshippers, while sometimes quite the opposite is true. Such reversibility of actions and formulas of the two zones, attested for the Rg Veda, is a peculiar trait of the magical outlook in general. 235]. The importance of Renou's work can certainly be judged by these overt conclusions concerning the ambivalent semantics of a certain part of the Vedic lexicon. But equally important are some indirect results of his description that can be defined in the following way.

He stopped Etasa who had run forth. / Angered, he hurls him upon the bottom / Of the skin / into the lap of the dark space" / ("He" is Indra; Etasa is the solar horse; and the black bottom of the skin denotes the darkness of the night); < previous page page_36 If you like this book, buy it! 5) "The two youthful sisters, blood relatives, joining in the parents' womb, sharing a common boundary, kissing the navel of the created world ... 4) "From the living cloud ghee and milk are milked. 9) "And the glorified youth (Agni) blazed up thanks to the fire-wood on the top of heaven, on the navel of the earth" ("top of heaven" is the sun in the sky, and "navel of the earth" is the offering fire on the sacrificial ground).

In this way, the "auspicious" zone itself can be seen as bipartite. It should be stressed that the ambivalent vocabulary of "auspicious" vs. "inauspicious" does not < previous page page_41 If you like this book, buy it! 2011 17:31:32] next page > page_42 < previous page page_42 next page > Page 42 take part in the bifurcation of the "auspicious" zone. These two lexical subsystems can be viewed as two nonintersecting sub-multitudes. Moreover, the conversive meaning of the "auspicious" is attested in various morphological and derivational classes: verbs, substantives and adjectives, primary words and compounds.

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