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By Voltaire

Édition de Jacques Van den Heuvel.

Janvier 1762 : le corps d’Élisabeth Sirven est retrouvé dans un puits. Après une enquête à cost, les mom and dad, protestants établis près de Castres, accusés de l’avoir tuée parce qu’elle s’était convertie au catholicisme, sont condamnés à être pendus. Convaincu de leur innocence et révolté contre une sentence 'si absurde', Voltaire s’empare de l’affaire.

Puisque il n’y a qu’'une famille entière réduite à los angeles misère, cela ne vaut pas los angeles peine qu’on en parle', ironise-t-il. Il en parlera pourtant avec obstination : pendant sept ans il refera le chemin qui l’a mené à los angeles réhabilitation des Calas – autres protestants condamnés pour infanticide –, avec les mêmes étapes, et le même succès. Les Sirven sont acquittés en 1771.

À l’occasion de l’affaire Sirven, Voltaire rédige un nouveau Traité sur los angeles Tolérance : l’Avis au public sur les parricides (1766), qu’on retrouve ici accompagné de ses lettres aux avocats et parlementaires en cost du file. Il grave ainsi, pour toujours, ce fait divers dans sa lutte contre le fanatisme, l. a. superstition et l'intolérance.

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The workman works for his wages, and the most disincarnate artist has some concern to act on souls and to serve an idea, be it only an aesthetic idea. What is required is the perfect practical discrimination between the aim of the workman (finis operantis, as the Schoolmen put it) and the aim of the work (finis operis): so that the workman should work for his wages, but the work should be ruled and shaped and brought into being only with regard to its own good and in nowise with regard to the wages.

This, however, is owing to the essentially deficient condition of the creature; intelligence itself, considered in the pure state, in its pure formal line, desires to engender, to produce, in knowing itself, something which will not be merely a likeness, a sign, an idea of the thing known, but the thing known itself existing for itself. htm (2 of 9)27-Sep-05 19:15:30 Jacques Maritain Center: Art and Scholasticism 10 Only in God, only in Pure Act, is intelligence, which is then subsisting Intelligence, able to realize fully the fundamental exigencies of its nature and give birth to another itself substantial and personal, to a Word which is really a Son.

Do not separate your art from your faith. But leave distinct what is distinct. Do not try to blend by force what life unites so well. If you were to make of your aesthetic an article of faith, you would spoil your faith. If you were to make of your devotion a rule of artistic activity, or if you were to turn desire to edify into a method of your art, you would spoil your art. The entire soul of the artist reaches and rules his work, but it must reach it and rule it only through the artistic habitus.

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