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By Genevieve L. Paulson

We all own the strong lifestyles strength of Kundalini which can open us to genius states, psychic powers, and cosmic attention. For over ten years, this depended on consultant has been educating humans easy methods to properly and successfully use this effective normal power for non secular improvement.  This up-to-date version of Kundalini and the Chakras good points all new art and an further index.

Genevieve Lewis Paulson's hot, functional procedure and transformative strategies for detoxing, balancing, and constructing the chakras and their energies may also help your personal great artistic and religious capability.

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And all these Deities that are adored and waited upon a r e none else but the emanations, portions of the Lord and his Spouse, Ishwara and Devi. The t r u t h of all the Mantras is known to the Lord alone and it is only out of His grace that man comes to know of it. Any one of these * Four Amnayas is enough to lead one to liberation. And if one were to know all the four he would become the v e r y Shiva himself. But higher than all the four Amnayas put together is the Urdhvamnaya which is so called because it is High, urdhvat among all the dharmas, because it takes up, h i m who is below, adhastah urdhvam, because it is above the nether sea of samsara and because it can be practised only in a higher way of being, higher state of consciousness.

It is the m o s t guarded secret teaching. T h e Vedas, Sastras, Puranas can be m a d e public, but the Shaiva and Shakta A g a m a s are not to be so done. Of these the Kula Sastras are more secret and of these again the most secret is the Urdhva-amnaya. * * Some of the Tantras speak of a further, s i x t h , Amnaya, the l o w e r and hidden adhamnaya. Citing from the Devyagama, the Tantra-rahasya s a y s : " T h e face in the East (that is in front) is of p e a r l - l i k e lustre w i t h three e y e s and c r o w n e d by the crescent m o o n .

It is open to a l l to v e r i f y its claim. W h o e v e r knows of w h a t is b e y o n d or what w i l l happen to w h o m ? T h a t w h i c h gives i m m e d i a t e fruit here, the direct realization, is the highest Teaching. T h i s is the K n o w l e d g e outside the pale of m e n in the ordinary run, the paSu. Neither is it for those w h o s e actions in the past births have forged strong bonds of s i n : not for t h e m is the Grace of the Guru or the K n o w l e d g e of the Kula. A sinner, even though directed to the path of the K u l a does not turn to i t ; but the m a n of m e r i t resorts to the Kula e v e n though he be prevented f r o m it.

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