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Jesus in the Talmud

Scattered during the Talmud, the founding record of rabbinic Judaism in past due antiquity, are available various references to Jesus--and they don't seem to be flattering. during this lucid, richly exact, and available ebook, Peter Sch? fer examines how the rabbis of the Talmud learn, understood, and used the hot testomony Jesus narrative to say, eventually, Judaism's superiority over Christianity.

The Social Meanings of Sacrifice in the Hebrew Bible: A Study of Four Writings

This paintings makes use of anthropological idea and box stories to enquire the social functionality and which means of sacrifice. All rituals, together with sacrifice, speak social ideals and morality, yet those can't be decided outdoor of a examine of the social context. therefore, there's no unmarried cause of sacrifice - resembling these complicated by way of René Girard or Walter Burkert or late-19th and early-20th century students.

Abraham Ibn Ezra's Commentary on the First Book of Psalms. Chapters 1-41

Rabbi Abraham ibn Ezra, poet, thinker, and mathematician, was once one of many extraordinary personalities produced via medieval Jewry. His leader declare to popularity, notwithstanding, is his remark at the Bible. The latter is outlined in all significant variations of the Hebrew Scriptures and prompted different luminaries corresponding to Maimonides, Rabbi David Kimchi, Nahmanides, Ralbag, Abravanel, and all severe scholars of the Hebrew Bible, for whom his works are crucial.

Divine War in the Old Testament and in the Ancient Near East

The aim of this research is to enquire the motifs of divine conflict within the historic close to East and during this gentle to analyze the motifs of YHWH struggle within the previous testomony. There are 3 concerns in regards to the challenge of YHWH battle. the 1st factor is the excellence among holy warfare and YHWH battle. the most argument pertaining to YHWH battle has been centred below the identify of "holy struggle" via F.

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He was moved by an intense expectation that the world was on the verge of an apocalyptic transformation. Like the authors of Daniel and of many apocalyptic visions that were being composed at that time, Jesus believed that God was about to overthrow the wicked Roman Empire and establish a new order in the world, the kingdom of God. Only those who have proven themselves righteous will be allowed to enjoy the wonders of the new world; all others will be excluded. Like his mentor John the Baptist, Jesus devoted his life to convincing his contemporaries of the urgency of preparing themselves to be worthy of admission to the kingdom of God.

They could also invoke the ancestral tradition in order to justify customs and institutions that had developed among the common folk or were borrowed from Babylonian and Persian cultures. Josephus states that the Pharisees were considered the most accurate interpreters of the law, and he suggests that they were influential enough to impose their own interpretations even on those who did not really accept them. To the extent that we may reconstruct a picture of Pharisaism based on the later evolution of rabbinic Judaism (and this must be done with much scholarly caution), it is evident that the Pharisees cultivated intensive study of the Bible and of other sources of their religious tradition, and that they believed that religious authority was founded on a person’s scholarly credentials.

A keystone of Greek life was the city-state, polis, the civic structure in which their society operated; therefore they attached great importance to the establishment of Greek-style cities throughout their empire, such as Alexandria in Egypt and Antioch in Syria. Involvement in the civic affairs of the polis was usually associated with religious rites. Although Alexander may have envisioned a unidirectional spread of Greek enlightenment to the barbaric frontiers, the actual historical process known as “Hellenism” was a far more complex phenomenon.

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