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This is the ebook you want to organize for the hands-on JNCIP examination, CERT-JNCIP-M, from Juniper Networks. Written by way of the Juniper Networks coach who helped strengthen the examination, this learn advisor offers the data and insights you want to procedure the not easy JNCIP hands-on lab examination with confidence.Authoritative insurance of all attempt goals, including:Monitoring and troubleshooting router operation Upgrading and backing up JUNOS software program Configuring Ethernet, body Relay, ATM, and HDLC tracking site visitors a lot Configuring, tracking, and troubleshooting OSPF operating with IS-IS Manipulating IBGP routing tracking EBGP operation

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Note After verifying the trap, be sure to remove any arbitrary addressing that you have assigned to the lo0 interface. Neglecting to do so could cause problems in a subsequent lab scenario. 1 for the addressing specifics needed to complete this task. In this example, you will need to configure your router as a unicast NTP client because the NTP server is not directly attached to your OoB management network and the lack of multicast/broadcast forwarding on the firewall router will prevent the use of multicast or broadcast client modes.

Set RE0 to be the primary, and configure RE failover in the event of routing daemon failure. You may assume that the configuration files have already been mirrored on the two REs for this task. • Ensure that failure of router flash will not affect the operation of your initial configuration. Configure alarms Alarms are configured at the [edit chassis alarms] configuration hierarchy. The following command is used to configure a yellow alarm upon detection of an fxp0 link down event: [edit chassis alarm] lab@r2"bold">set management-ethernet link-down yellow Configure redundancy System redundancy is configured at the [edit chassis redundancy] configuration hierarchy.

The following commands are used to explicitly configure RE0 as the primary RE, which is the default, and to evoke a switchover to RE1 in the event of routing daemon (rpd) failure. The following commands were issued on a M20 router, because the M5 platform does not support RE redundancy: 38 Chapter 1: Initial Configuration and Platform Troubleshooting Chapter 1: Initial Configuration and Platform Troubleshooting 39 [edit] lab@m20# set chassis redundancy routing-engine 0 master [edit] lab@m20# set system processes routing failover other-routing-engine Perform a system snapshot To ensure that a failure of the router's flash will not cause the loss of your initial system configuration, you must perform a system snapshot to mirror the contents of the router's flash onto the router's hard drive: lab@r1> umount: Copying umount: Copying request system snapshot /altroot: not currently mounted / to /altroot..

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