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Yoda sighed. The trouble was not over yet. 61 CHAPTER SEVEN Yoda knew if the two Bartokks reached Level 58, they would do whatever they could to recover their plasma bomb. They wouldn't hesitate to eliminate everyone in the room. The Jedi Master did not falter. He activated his lightsaber and slashed the climbing cables. The severed cables whipped out of the window, and the Bartokks fell. The Jedi Master did not enjoy watching the two assassins plummet down the side of the pyramidal tower. But he watched them long enough to make sure they were no longer a threat.

The two Bartokks adjusted their XIO-D remotecontrol devices, and the XIO-D draft droids raised their extendable loader arms and lurched toward Yoda. Water from the punctured plumbing hose had formed a large puddle in the middle of the lab. Yoda noticed the Bartokks were standing in the puddle. Yoda jumped on top of the nearby table as he pushed the electrical equipment hard. The equipment crashed into the watery puddle, and sent a massive electric jolt through the two insectoid assassins. A fizzing sound filled the air as the Bartokks appeared to be frozen in their tracks.

The X10-D on his left contained a plasma bomb. Qui-Gon bent down beside Yoda and said, "The Bartokks always have a backup plan, so it makes sense that they'd have more than one bomb. They won't dare to trigger the bombs until they're safely away from the city. " "All children and adults must be removed from the building at once," Adi Gallia stated. Yoda turned to his allies and proclaimed, "To safety, you will take them. Deactivate the bomb, I will. " "Obi-Wan and I can search for the girl, Master Yoda," Qui-Gon suggested.

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