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By Dariush Derakhshani

Alias Wavefront's Maya is the most excellent software for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. it's utilized by such movie homes as business, gentle & Magic, Pixar, and Disney for developing 3D animation and lighting tricks. This Maya Press title—a cooperative booklet among Sybex and Alias Wavefront—is the ideal advent to 3D and Maya. notice: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics should not integrated as a part of book dossier.

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The papers during this quantity have been chosen for presentation on the fifteenth foreign Meshing Roundtable, held September 17-20, 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama, U. S. A. . The convention was once began by means of Sandia nationwide Laboratories in 1992 as a small assembly of enterprises striving to set up a typical concentration for learn and improvement within the box of mesh iteration.

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Every image generated by a computer, therefore, must either begin as a raster image or be rasterized as part of rendering for display. Vector Images Vector images are created in a wholly different way. Vector images are created using mathematical algorithms and geometric functions. Instead of defining the color of each and every pixel in a grid of a raster image, a vector image uses coordinates and geometric formulas to define areas, volumes, and shapes. Popular vector-based image applications include Illustrator and Flash, as well as practically all computer-aided design (CAD) programs such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks.

But color value can also be set on the hue, saturation, and value (HSV) channels of a color. Again, each channel holds a value from 0 to 255 (in a 24-bit image) that defines the final color. The hue value defines the actual tint (from red to green to violet) of the color. qxd 9/18/03 1:29 AM Page 16 16 ■ C H A P T E R 1 : I N T R O D U C T I O N T O C O M P U T E R G R A P H I C S A N D 3 D The saturation defines how much of that tint is present in the color. The higher the saturation value, the deeper the color.

A frame also refers to a unit of time in animation, whose exact chronological length depends on how fast the animation will eventually playback (frame rate). For example, at film rate (24fps) a single frame will last 1⁄24 of a second. At NTSC video rate (30fps) that same frame will last 1⁄30 of a second. Keyframes are key frames at which the animator creates a pose for a character (or whatever is being animated). In CG terms, a keyframe is a frame in which a pose, a position, or some other such value has been saved in time.

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