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Even if the web lines its origins again greater than 35 years, the web international because it is understood this day is simply a decade outdated. because the mid-1990s, e-mail and net entry were reworked from “techie” preoccupations to daily actions. regrettably, wider public entry has resulted in a few difficulties. The distribution of kid pornography and using net chat rooms by means of pedophiles to achieve entry to young ones are of the best-known and so much feared different types of net predation. fresh large-scale operations performed by way of the FBI, Interpol, and different legislation enforcement organizations have netted hundreds of thousands of alleged offenders. different different types of crime comprise cyberstalking and harassment utilizing the net, frauds and scams conducted on-line or via electronic mail, id robbery, and different crimes on the topic of own information.
Internet Predators discusses the fight to wrestle legal and delinquent job on-line and to avoid victimization with out excessively proscribing the liberty that has helped make the net international an integral part of the U.S. economic climate and society. It specializes in the person on-line consumer and on what carrier services, regulatory organisations, police officers, legislators, and others can and will do to guard the web public. a full of life reference source and necessary learn advisor, this e-book offers readers with transparent and crucial details had to outline, comprehend, and examine this crucial subject.

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According to a survey by Gartner Research, about 11 million users bit on the hook, clicking on the included link to go to the phony web site containing the form requesting information. About 2 million went on to provide personal information. In one particular case, studied by the research firm MailFrontier, 40 percent of the people who read a fraudulent e-mail claiming to be from Citibank thought that it was really from that institution. Major Internet companies have become concerned that if phishing cannot be brought under control it may become a drag on an e-commerce sector that has been gradually recovering from the dot-com bust of 2000–02.

Phishing combines two elements: a spam e-mail with the hook that persuades the victim to provide information, and a back end, consisting of an 30 Introduction: Coping with Internet Predators authentic-looking web site that the victim thinks belongs to the bank or other institution in question. Criminals have taken to phishing with a vengeance: Between September 2003 and May 2004 the number of different deceptive e-mails used climbed from 279 to 247,027. By mid-2004, it estimated 60 million Internet users received at least one such message.

More uniform laws and extradition procedures are making it easier to bring cyberstalking suspects to trial. And although there is still no federal cyberstalking law, the Interstate Stalking Law of 1996 does make it illegal to travel across state lines with the intent to injure or harass another person. There are also federal laws against making threats of violence or death using interstate communications. Victims of cyberstalking can still face great stress and uncertainty as they attempt to deal with the legal system.

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