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05 mm/day. Thus perfect single crystals 10-15 mm in edge length require a growth time of about 1 year. Less perfect crystals may be grown at a slightly higher infusion speed. All other crystdgrowth techniques that have been tried yielded only small crystals less than 2 *Fifty-milliliter polypropylene syringes were obtained from Becton, Dickinson & Co. , Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. Single-Crystal Growth by a Double-Infusion Technique 17 mm in edge length. Characteristically, the yellow A & H J I O ~crystals always adopt the shape of rhombohedra.

Dabu,J. Cryst. Growth, 13/14,462 (1972). 4. W. E. Bailey, R. J. Williams, and W. 0. , 829,1365 (1973). 5 . H. Kietaibl and W. Petter,Helv. Phys. Acta,47,425 (1974). 6. H. Kietaibl and W. Petter, to be published. 7. F. Hulliger, M. Landolt, and H. Vetsch,J. , 18,283 (1976). 8 . F. Hulliger, M. Landolt, and H. Vetsch,J. , 18,307 (1976). 9. H. Grhicher, R. Kind, W. M. Meier, and W. Petter, Helv. Phys. Acra, 41,843 (1968). 10. J. Petzelt, J . Roos, and H. Grhicher, Ferroelectrics, 13,437 (1976). 11.

Allg. , 236,243 (1938). 18 Solidstate 4. CRYSTALLINE SILVER CHLORIDE HAgClz 2HCl t CaC03 -- AgCl + HCl CaClz t COz + H20 Submitted by JOHN C. * Checked by AARON WOLD'! Because of the photochemical importance of silver chloride, its chemistry and physics have been investigated extensively and many methods have been devised for the formation of silver chloride crystals. Berry et al. 3 It is also possible to get crystals by the slow decomposition of silver complexes in a solution containing chloride ion: Masses of large crystals can be formed by the slow solidification of molten silver chloride' or by pressing the solid between chromium or quartz plates at high pressure.

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