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By Ethan Watrall, Jeff Siarto

I'm studying to construct web pages alone, and those books are the single ones that designate advanced strategies in a visible layout that's attractive to a photograph fashion designer.

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For Silverback is an application web sites. on g tin tes r performing use e typ a o als is ack Because a Silverb illa gor and gle jun of animal, the theme is used throughout. 6 Chapter 2 pre production Take a look at the screenshots below. Write down the site’s theme and circle (yes, draw in the book) some of the design elements that are used in the site’s visual metaphor. Remember, a site’s theme is its content/purpose, while the visual metaphors are the design elements that are used to reinforce the theme.

In pre-production, we plan things out before we go digital. A little detour now will save us a lot of time when we start putting together Mark's site later. But where to start? How about at the very beginning–with the site’s design vibe. A visual metaphor, if you will. you are here 4 3 visual metaphors Think before you code Pre-production is all about getting things right before you put down one line of XHTML. Its all about getting your site’s design right on paper so that when you get to the point where you go to code, you know exactly what you are building, and you can be incredibly focused and efficient during development.

2 pre-production Paper covers rock Wow, you really can erase things when you use a pencil instead of a text editor. Who would have thought?!  Yeah, you know the type... every time you show them their latest crazy design idea, they've already moved on to another look... another color scheme... another entire web site. So how do you deal with fickle clients or those tricky hard-to-get-right websites? You start with paper, pencil, and a big fat pink eraser. In this chapter, you'll learn how to work smart before you dig into your HTML editor.

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