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By Ruth K. Hobbs

Christian tales for kids.

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Asked Rebecca, with tears in her eyes. "Yes," said Mrs. Payson. "It was when I was a young girl that I attended the funeral of little Fritz. "Mr. Wilcox, who keeps the great store of baskets in town, where you have sometimes ped with me they are, is stop- how beautiful little Jim whom to see the Fritz taught to be good and useful. "He has always taken tender care of his mother, who is now HAPPY HEARTS. ' "Your true story, better than Joshua, mamma, is ones," said made-up he walked away to as the window.

The next morning his mamma Fritz told what he had been thinking about. with "She was pleased r his MAPLE GROVE 34 plan; for she amuse her STORIES. would it thought little darling lame boy. "Fritz went to the basket- maker's shop all Summer, and by the time cold weather came he could kets. make very beautiful basSome merchants in town them for him, and by Christmas time he had laid up sold several dollars, which he said he should give to poor widow "Wilcox, who looked sick and pale, and had two children.

Strange that he so well ! There could be no more mornnow, and while the were shutting their eyes naps ing stars -the early breakthe children might go Bridget prepared so fast, with their hearts happy their gifts to gladden those needed kind words and and who good deeds. After the family had joined in their son we morning worship, Mr. smile, HAPPY HEARTS. " By the Mr. time over looking Payson were 49 tree and the tops, children toward riding was sun the the Mrs. Grant's with a basket of good things and a great many kind words.

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