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By Mike Darnell; et al

The twenty third UWM Linguistics Symposium (1996) introduced jointly linguists of opposing theoretical techniques -- functionalists and formalists -- that allows you to be certain to what volume those techniques fairly fluctuate from one another and to what quantity the methods supplement one another. the 2 volumes of Functionalism and Formalism in Linguistics comprise a cautious choice of the papers initially offered at the Read more...

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The Hague: Mouton. Chung, Sandra. 1982. “Unbounded Dependencies in Chamorro Grammar”. Linguistic Inquiry 13:39–77. Collins, Chris. 1994. “Economy of Derivation and the Generalized Proper Binding Condition”. Linguistic Inquiry 25:45–61. Collins, Chris. 1993. Topics in Ewe syntax. Doctoral dissertation, MIT, Cambridge, Mass. Darwin, Charles. 1872. On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection Sixth edition. London: Murray. Deane, Paul. 1992. Grammar in Mind and Brain. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

Introduction I must begin with a disclaimer: I’m not certain that this will be a “formalist position paper” because I’m not certain what the “formalist position” is. Its apparent opposite, the “functionalist position,” is somewhat clearer to me. e. antifunctionalist) position. ” It is in this agnostic 34 HOWARD LASNIK spirit that one might rationally investigate a structure in advance of determining its function, or, indeed, without knowing if it even has a function, while leaving open the possibility that we might discover something about the function of the structure that would advance our understanding of its form, or vice versa.

Torrego (1983) discusses another abstractly similar phenomenon, and one that indisputably involves Comp. In certain Spanish dialects, there is a class of verbs, including lamentar, preocuparse, and some verbs of saying that allow, as an alternative to the que complementizer, a zero form to introduce their complement clauses (when the subject is null): 40 HOWARD LASNIK (27) Lamento (que) no estés contenta con tu trabajo. ” ’ So as in the Irish pattern, we have strong evidence that wh-movement is always “short”: when it superficially seems long, it is a composite of several short movements.

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