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Europe in the High Middle Ages, 1150-1309 (2nd Edition)

Europe within the excessive center a long time, 1150-1309 (General background of Europe) (Second edition)

Europe within the excessive center a long time is likely one of the most unusual and private volumes within the set. instead of pursue a chronological narrative of occasions, Professor Mundy has as an alternative supplied a shiny portrait of social, fiscal, political and highbrow lifetime of Latin Christendom within the interval. totally revised and up to date within the gentle of the newest study this moment version keeps its attraction and should end up valuable to a brand new new release of readers.

Post-Roman Towns, Trade and Settlement in Europe and Byzantium: Byzantium, Pliska, and the Balkans

Either experts and most people were fascinated with the new growth made in our wisdom and knowing of early medieval cities and financial archaeology by way of new learn methods and using clinical equipment. This selection of convention papers includes archaeological and interdisciplinary stories offered via foreign professionals at a convention in undesirable Homburg in 2004.

The Princes of Orange: The Stadholders in the Dutch Republic

This can be an account of the Princes of Orange within the Dutch Republic from William I, "the Silent", to William V, the final and saddest, of their roles as "stadholders. " It interweaves their own lives and characters with the improvement of the original establishment of the stadholderate and the large political heritage of the republic.

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A comparability of the speculation of Vaubanian siegecraft with its fact. This quantity locations Vauban's siege accomplishments into their broader context, highlighting his continuation of the search for ever-greater potency pursued via a century of army engineers.

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The English and the Dutch, who fought three wars between 1652 and 1674, conducted a naval race. In early 31 1652 the Dutch fleet had 76 ships, and in 1665-7 they built about another 60. The size of the French navy rose substantially in the 1660s and by 1688 the French had a fleet of 93 ships of the line. More important than these numbers were the increases in the size and power of their gunnery. Of the 27 warships built in the United Provinces in 1682-8, 7 were in the 90-gun class. In the following decade the Dutch built 78 ships of 36 guns and over, the English 69 and the French 74.

Fortunately for the regulars in April 1746 the Jacobites did not contest the passage of the Spey, but chose to fight at Culloden, on a battlefield that gave their Highland charge no advantages, after their plan for a surprise night attack on the British camp had miscarried [34]. Atrocities and exactions marked numerous western and central European campaigns in which civilians were not involved. In part this may be attributed to the growing use of light cavalry, the Austrians employing the Hungarians they had raised initially against the Turks in the wars with France and Prussia.

Frederick II forcibly recruited Saxon prisoners again in 1756. Foreigners were often recruited. I talians moved to Spain or Austria, Germans to France, Austria and Russia. In a typical Dutch warship half of the sailors, two-thirds of the soldiers and a third of the petty officers were of foreign origin, mostly from the Empire, Denmark and Sweden.

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