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by the query in its being a solution, if basically in a circumstantial (i. e. inessential) demeanour. One certainly needs to query oneself in an effort to take into accout, says Plato, however the dialectic, which might be clinical, needs to be anything else no matter if it is still a play of query and resolution. This contradiction didn't break out Aristotle: he break up the medical from the dialectic and common sense from argumentation whose respective theories he was once resulted in conceive on the way to truly outline their barriers and specificities. As for Plato, he present in the well-known idea of rules what he sought so one can justify wisdom as that that is purported to carry its fact merely from itself. What do rules suggest in the framework of our process? In what is composed the passage from rhetoric to ontology which results in the denaturation of argumentation? whilst Socrates requested, for instance, "What is virtue?", he idea you'll now not resolution this type of query as the resolution refers to a unmarried proposition, a unmarried fact, while the formula of the query itself doesn't point out this unicity. For any resolution, one other might be given and therefore regularly, if worthwhile, until one will encounter an incompatibility. Now, to a query as to what X, Y, or Z is, you'll solution in lots of methods and not anything within the query itself prohibits multiplicity. advantage is braveness, is justice, and so on.

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THE DUAL ARTICULATION OF EXCHANGE As Perelman put it very clearly, argumentation aims at obtaining an effect upon an audience. We have emphasized this point ourselves (Oleron, 1983), because it leads us to connect argumentation with techniques of influence which in turn allows for the clarification of its finalities and mechanisms. In polemical exchanges, the effect on the listener aimed at is primordial. In the first place, for each participant, it is a matter of convincing the audience of the cogency of his arguments and positions and of the weakness of those of his adversary.

The pursued objective is indeed to give sufficient reason, but the idea of reason is both superbly obvious and quite strangely fleeting. JEAN-BLAISE GRIZE TO REASON WHILE SPEAKING INTRODUCTION The development of mathematical logic and the daily presence of computer technology tend to lead one to believe that arguing amounts to proof and deduction. However, nothing of the sort is true and I would like to discuss argument in the altogether general sense of the shift from one judgement to another.

An object of discourse is a linguistic sign which we say represents a cognitive representation in language. It comprises two main characteristics: a) It is always endowed with a meaning and this in contrast with the signs of formal systems which must be interpreted. b) This meaning is always more or less fuzzy, partially undetermined, and the role of discursive activity is justly to bring it progressively into definition. Thus, the object man in the following text: Racist and yet altruistic, a fanatical idealist endowed with the most highly perfected sense of organization of the living kingdom.

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