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This can be the tale of Charley, a baby of divorce who's regularly pressured to select from his mom and his father. He grows right into a guy and begins a relations of his personal. yet one fateful weekend, he leaves his mom to secretly be along with his father—and she dies whereas he's long gone. This haunts him for years. It unravels his personal younger relatives. It leads him to melancholy and drunkenness. One evening, he comes to a decision to take his lifestyles. yet someplace among this global and the subsequent, he encounters his mom back, of their fatherland, and will get to spend one final day with her—the day he ignored and continuously wanted he'd had. He asks the questions many folks yearn to invite, the questions we by no means ask whereas our mom and dad are alive. through the top of this magical day, Charley discovers how little he fairly knew approximately his mom, the key of the way her love stored their relatives, and the way deeply he desires the second one probability to avoid wasting his personal.

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To say that semblance is reality is to imply that being is determined as ‘‘perspectival lettingshine,’’ that is, what is shows itself in the multiple perspectives by which it is named. ’’128 For Wittgenstein, life-forms (Lebensformen) of experience are reducible to language games (Sprachspiele), that is, propositional statements whose meaning is determined by grammatical rules that are socially constructed. 129 To maintain this, one must accept that truth does not yield a standard by which real appearance is distinguished from the apparently real, an illusion, a lie.

Is language given along with man or man along with language? Or does one become and be, through the other, not at all two different things? And why? Because both belong equally to be-ing. Why [is] man ‘essential’ for determining what is ownmost to language—man as? 103 The intimate proximity of origin and language suggests that the latter is the (un)veiling that allows beings to appear in the veil of their unveiling. 106 But how does one recover the ground engrounded in the disswaying of the sway?

A word shows something. 116 I digress momentarily from the main path to bring to the surface the challenge to the dichotomy of image and word implicit in the correlation of showing and saying. 118 I will cite two passages from the published volume based on the notes for the 1936-to-1937 lecture course ‘‘Nietzsche: Will to Power as Art’’ that are especially 14 L AY I N G I N T E R P R E TAT I V E G R O U N D relevant to the topic. In the first, in a section that bears the title Der Rausch als formschaffende Kraft, ‘‘Rapture as Form-Engendering Force,’’ Heidegger comments on Nietzsche’s statement that the artist ‘‘accords no value to anything that cannot become form’’:119 But by way of a commentary on Nietzsche’s definition let us say only this: form, forma, corresponds to the Greek morphe¯.

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