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By Aral Balkan, Josh Dura, Anthony Eden, Brian Monnone, James Dean Palmer, Jared Tarbell, Todd Yard

After learning theatre in London, then operating for numerous years as an actor within the united states, Todd backyard used to be brought to Flash in 2000 and used to be quick taken via the way it allowed for either beautiful creativity and programmatic good judgment program a very left-brain, correct mind method of construction and has no longer regarded again. He now freelances as a Flash developer in long island urban, developing either foolish animations and utilitarian functions. His own paintings and experimentation are available at his web site,

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TFrCopy FrolmeS PasteFrames ClearFrames Select Al Frames 49 FLASH 30 CHEATS MOST WANTED 10. lf you test the movie at this point. you should see the cirde animate from one side of the stage to the other and return to rest in the middle. Let's now add some 3D magic! As always, this is going to involve some scaling. Click on frame 8 and select Modify > Transform > Scale And Rotate ... (CTRLICMo+ALT/Opr+S). Leaving the Rotation setting at zero, enter 6 6 for the Scale setting and dick OK. 11. Next dick on frame 16 and repeat the instructions in step 10.

Dick on frame 32 and select Insert > Remave Frames (SHIFT+FS). Why anyone would put an option that begins with Remove under a menu called Insert is beyend us! Perhaps th is is why we use keyboard shortcut s almest exdusively in Flash and why we've taken care to indude them in these examples- they will save you a Iot of time and mousing araund in the lang run. Additionally, you can access many options in Flash by using the right-dick/ CTRL-dick context-sensitive menus. 15. lf you test the movie at this point.

Create seven layers and name them as shown at right. 3. ln the outline layer, create a frame for your navigation bar with the Reetangle Tool. Hide the fill, make the strake black, and make sure the weight of the strake is set to 2. Drag out a reetangular outline of 464x21 pixels, and then center it on the stage: 4. Next, build one of the buttons. Create a new movie clip (Insert > New Symbol. or CTRLICMo+F8) and call it button 1. Make four layers inside this clip labeled as shown below: 29 FLASH 3D CHEATS MOST WANTED 5.

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