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The review of hazards posed via average dangers corresponding to floods, droughts, earthquakes, tsunamis or cyclones, would possibly not mirror the entire diversity or significance of occasions attainable. As human populations develop, particularly in hazard-prone components, equipment for properly assessing average probability dangers have gotten more and more vital. Jonathan Nott describes the various equipment used to reconstruct such risks from ordinary long term documents. He demonstrates how long term files are crucial in gaining a practical figuring out of the range of normal risks, and the way temporary ancient files can usually misrepresent most likely hazards.

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Furthermore, erosion in the earlier Holocene is likely to have been less than at present because agriculture had not yet impacted the soils. It is possible for water deficiency to be pronounced in the South American dry season causing fire prone conditions. Historically, however, annual humidity and precipitation levels have been well above the water stress exceedence threshold level required for the occurrence of fires. 8. 13 C 1000 0 1000 Year AD 2000 profile for peat cellulose in the Jinchuan core.

Sand dunes typically dominate arid regions of the globe today. Clay pellet dunes occur in arid regions typically around the shores of former lakes where the clay has formed into pellets on the lake floor during dry episodes. Sand dunes form when there is an abundant sediment supply, where winds are sufficiently strong to move that sediment and where there is a lack of stabilising vegetation. , 1997). Stratigraphic and chronologic investigations of dune fields, therefore, provide information on episodes of drier climates when droughts would have been more prevalent.

Gadbury et al. (2000) examined the carbon and oxygen isotopes of the bison teeth to ascertain whether an environmental signal was preserved that may give clues to the nature of this catastrophic event. One of the measures was to determine isotopic variations ‘down tooth’ which Gadbury et al. (2000) suggest is a progressive measure of the environmental conditions over the life of the animal. The bison were approximately six years of age when they died so the isotopic variations down tooth record environmental conditions over that six year period.

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