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By John Dewey

1925. Mr. Dewey believes that the strategy of empirical naturalism provided during this quantity presents the best way, and the one manner through which you can freely settle for the viewpoint and conclusions of contemporary technology. Contents: adventure and philosophic strategy; lifestyles as precarious and as strong; nature, ends and histories; nature, potential and data; nature, conversation and as which means; nature, brain, and the topic; nature, existence and body-mind; life, principles and cognizance; adventure, nature and paintings; life price and feedback.

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These general statements must be made more definite. must illustrate the meaning of empirical method by seeing some of its results in contrast with those to which We We non-empirical philosophies conduct us. ing that "experience" barrelled word. includes what 1 Like is what James its congeners, men do and suffer, begin by nota double- called life what they and history, it strive for, love, and endure, and also how men act and are acted upon, the ways in which they do and suffer, desire and believe in short, processes of experidenotes the planted field, the sowed encing.

Assurance as method thus procures is for philosophic reflection something EXPERIENCE AND NATURE 30 of cooperative tendency toward in the natural sciences. that marks inquiry vestigator convinces others not by the consensus The which scientific in- plausibility of his definitions and the cogency of his dialectic, but by placing before them the specified course of searchings, doings and consequence of which certain things have been His appeal is for others to traverse a similar arrivals, in found.

It fails The resulting failure is three-fold. First, there is What no verification, no even to test and effort even worse, secondly, is that the things of ordinary experience do not get enlargement and enrichment of meaning as they do when approached through check. the medium is and reasonings. This the third place, back upon the of scientific principles lack of function reacts, in philosophic subject-matter in itself. Not tested by being employed to see what it leads to in ordinary experience and what new meanings it contributes, this subject-matter becomes arbitrary, aloof what is called "abstract" when that word is used in a bad sense to designate something which exclusively occupies a realm of its own without contact with the things of ordinary experience.

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