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By Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Aurora M. Nedelcu

The ebook integrates our figuring out of the criteria and procedures underlying the evolution of multicellularity via offering numerous complementary views (both theoretical and experimental) and utilizing examples from a variety of lineages during which multicellularity developed. fresh years marked an elevated curiosity in figuring out how and why those transitions happened, and information from a number of fields are offering new insights into the forces riding the various self sufficient transitions to multicellular lifestyles in addition to into the genetic and molecular foundation for the evolution of this phenotype. the final word target of this booklet is to facilitate the id of basic and unifying ideas and mechanisms.

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Multicellularity has emerged several times over the evolution of eukaryotes. Uncertainty about several regions of the eukaryotic tree makes it difficult to date the origin of multicellular groups. 3. Relaxed Molecular Clock (RMC) methods allow the estimation of unknown divergence dates from phylogenetic trees with fossil calibrations, accounting for variation in rate of sequence evolution among lineages. There are several ways to model this variation across phylogenetic trees. 4. The fossils used to calibrate RMC models add another level of uncertainty to the dating of the emergence of multicellular groups, as the phylogenetic placement and age of fossils are uncertain.

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