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By T.A.Gopinatha Rao, Gopinatha Rao

This treatise is an early try out for a diligent seek into the beginning, descriptions, symbols, mythological historical past, which means and ethical goals of Hindu photos. The ebook is in volumes, every one quantity back in elements. Vol. I, half I includes a lengthy advent discussing between different issues the foundation of Hindu photograph worship in India, explanatory description of the phrases hired within the paintings, Ganapati, Visnu and his significant and minor avataras and manifestations, Garuda and Ayudha-Purushas or personified pictures of the guns and logos held via gods. Vol. I, half II bargains with Aditya and Nava Grahas (nine planets) and their symbolic good points and pictures worshipped, Devi (Goddesses), Parivara-devatas, and size of proportions in photos. Vol. II, half I starts off with an creation discussing the cult of Siva that is by way of such vital issues as Siva, Lingas, Lingodbhavamurti, Chandrasekharamurti, Pasupatamurti and Raudrapasupatamurti, different Ugra kinds of Siva, Dakshinamurti, Kankalamurti and Bhikshatanamurti, and different vital elements of Siva. Vol. II, half II includes descriptions of Subrahmanya, Nandikesvara and Adhikaranandi, Chandesvara, Bhaktas, Arya or Hariharaputra, Kshetrapalas, Brahma, the Dikpalakas, and demi-gods. moreover the publication includes five Appendices together with Sanskrit texts of Parivaradevatah, Uttamadasatalavidhih and Pratimalaksanani. The remedy has been made attention-grabbing via profuse illustrations, the 2 volumes containing as many as 282 images of sacred pictures.

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2U ... 214 ... 215 ... 215 ... , Thcosophist). LXX — Fig. 2, Govinda, Belijr LXX — Fig. 3, Madhusiidana, Beliir LXXI— Fig. 1, Hari, Beliir LXX I— Fig. 2, Sri Krishna, BeliJr LXXII— Fig, LXXII— Fig. Ajmere, Museum Badami XXIV 221 ... 228 ... 229 ... 229 ... 229 ... 231 ... 231 ... 252 ... 252 ... 254 Eajaputana _ 253 ... ) Do, 1, Krishna, 210 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. TO FACE PAGE. PLATE LXXVI — Lak8bmi-Narayana, Beliir LXXVII— Hayagriva, Nuggehalli, (A. Talaaayin, LXXX— Fig. LXXX— Fig. Halebidu Do.

Images Vishnu are worshipped respectively by of who those desire to attain realisation, yoga or spiritual self- bhoga or enjoyment and vlra or military prowess. There is yet another classification of images and into three kinds as chitra, chitrardha hhasa* all Chitra denotes images in the round with their limbs completely name Chitrdirdlia is the and chitrabhasa relief, cliitrU- worked out and shown. given to figures in half- refers to images painted on walls and cloths, and such other suitable objects.

LV— Do. LVI— Do. ) Mahabalipuram LVII— Do. ) LVIII^Kriahna and Rukmini, Madras Museum LIX— LX — Fig. Navanita-nrittamurti, 191 ... 195 ... 205 206 Madras Museum LX— Fig. 193 ... ),.. Do. 1, 189 ... 206 ... Madras Do. 2, Museum LXI— Gana-Gopala, Halebidu Gana-Gopala, (T. Do. (A. 206 ... 208 209 LXII— Fig. 1. ) ... LXII— Fig. 2, S. ) ... LXIII— Madana-Gopala, Tenliasi ... LXIV— Kaliyahimardaka Krishna, Madras Museum. 209 , LXV— Govarddhana-dhara (A. S. LXVI— LXVIT— Fig. LXVII— Fig. 2, ' Halebidu Balakrishna Do.

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