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They are, rather, evidence of the extensive use of colloquialisms in the book. , 2:8; 3:17; 4:4, 9-12; 7:25; 10:19, 20; 12:1,4, 6), the discordance of subject and predicate (l: 10; 2: 7; 10:12, 15), the use of masculine plural pronominal suffix for the feminine plural antecedent (2:6, 10; 10:9; 11:8; 12: 1) may all be explained as vernacular elements. Moreover, the possibility that the Hebrew of Ecclesiastes reflects a non-Judean dialect cannot be ruled out (so Davila, Rainey), although it is difficult to identify the dialect specifically (see Piotti, "La lingua dell'Ecclesiaste," pp.

Qohelet observes that the 'abed "worker" sleeps well, whether that one has consumed little or much, while the surfeit of the rich permits them no rest (5: 12 [Heb vii]). Those greedy consumers cannot get rest, either because of indigestion (overconsumption of food) or anxiety about their investments (overconsumption of wealth). While Qohelet clearly draws on timeless wisdom teachings, he also addresses people facing a new world of money and finance. Hence, he uses the vocabulary of his day to subvert the preoccupations of his contemporaries.

The next highest concentration is the Song of Songs, where the particle is found 30 times. The 68 occurrences of sein Ecclesiastes make it one of the most frequently attested lexemes in the book. With the exception of Gen 6:3, se- occurs in either texts of probable northern provenance or texts that are late. Not counting Ecclesiastes, seoccurs 62 times in passages that are probably exilic or postexilic, and 6 times in passages of northern origin. It is attested in epigraphic Hebrew only in late texts (see DNWSI, p.

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