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He has always been particularly friendly with Spanish-speaking people, and because of his sincerity, he has been given information that few other individuals could have come by. In one of his books, entitled Pancho Villa's Last Hangout — On Both Sides of the Rio Grande in the Big Bend Country, Mr. com To SAM HICKS: A compañero who also has an interest in Mexican life as this journal attempts to describe it. W. D. SMITHERS. With the express permission of Mr. Smithers, for which I am deeply appreciative, the following paragraphs are taken from a chapter entitled, "Nature's Pharmacy and the Curanderos" in the above-mentioned book.

See photograph no. com Estafiate 4 This plant is commonly regarded as a prolific, useless dooryard weed. However, estafiate (pronounced estah-fi-ah'-tay) tea has a soothing effect on nerves and is widely taken by pregnant women to alleviate morning sickness. A strong, cooked solution of estafiate tea is also given as a drench to horses in the treatment of worms. (See photograph no. ) Ruda, or Rue 5 4 5 Artemisia ludoviciana Ruta graveolens or R. com Ruda (pronounced roo'-dah) is one of the most prevalent home-remedy herbs in the Southwest.

See photographs no. ) Flor de San Pedro 11 The flor de San Pedro (flor day sahn pay'-dro), whose name means Saint Peter's flower, undoubtedly takes its name from the trumpet shape of its blossoms. It is used chiefly as a quick, effective cure for diarrhea. The tea is cooked mostly from the flowers, though a few leaves are used also. It soothes upset stomachs and aids digestion. During the spring and summer months, the plants bloom profusely. Pechanga Indians say that plants with red blossoms are male and plants with orange, female.

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