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This ebook combines stylistic research with corpus linguistics to current an leading edge account of the phenomenon of speech, writing and idea presentation - in general known as 'speech reporting' or 'discourse presentation'.This new account is predicated on an in depth research of a quarter-of-a-million observe digital choice of written narrative texts, together with either fiction and non-fiction. The booklet comprises precise discussions of: the development of this corpus of past due twentieth-century written British narratives taken from fiction, newspaper information reviews and (auto)biographies the improvement of a handbook annotation procedure for speech, writing and idea presentation and its software to the corpus. The findings of a quantitive and qualitative research of the kinds and capabilities of speech, writing and idea presentation within the 3 genres represented within the corpus. The findings of the research of various particular phenomena, together with hypothetical speech, writing and proposal presentation, embedded speech, writing and inspiration presentation and ambiguities in speech, writing and idea presentation. case experiences targeting particular texts from the corpus. Corpus Stylistics indicates how stylistics, and text/discourse research extra in most cases, can enjoy the use of a corpus technique and the authors' leading edge strategy ends up in a extra trustworthy and finished categorisation of the different types of speech, writing and concept presentation than were recommended to this point. This book is crucial analyzing for linguists drawn to the components of stylistics and corpus linguistics.

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Given our objective of comparing patterns of SW&TP in texts that are generally regarded as popular vs serious, we decided to use, as far as possible, extracts from texts that constituted clear cases of popular or serious works, in order to give the contrast the best chances of revealing itself in terms of SW&TP. We will discuss our practical sampling criteria in more detail in the next section. 1 Choosing our source texts When it came to selecting the source texts from which to extract our text samples, we began by considering any suitable material that was already available in electronic form.

Once contextual and pragmatic interpretative factors are involved, other analysts may well be able to propose alternative descriptions. We are very aware that further alternative analyses are possible, and that to some degree the quantification we report in later 40 Methodology chapters might not be absolutely accurate. Similarly, we are aware that our corpus could usefully comprise more text types and more samples within each text-type. As a consequence of this, we put little weight on statistical differences that are not large.

We therefore adopted the tag NRS (‘Narrator’s Report of Speech’) for reporting clauses of speech, and parallel tags for writing (NRW) and thought (NRT). g. prepositional phrases of the form ‘according to X’). 3 below. The resulting basic speech presentation tagset is given below (see Appendix 2 for a complete alphabetical list of the tags we employed). Two points need to be noted. 2) on the writing and thought presentation scales respectively. 3 for further discussion): (NRS ϭ Narrator’s Report of Speech [ϭ reporting clause of speech, or non-clausal equivalent]) NV ϭ Narrator’s Representation of Voice NRSA ϭ Narrator’s Representation of Speech Acts IS ϭ Indirect Speech FIS ϭ Free Indirect Speech DS ϭ Direct Speech FDS ϭ Free Direct Speech (NRT ϭ Narrator’s Report of Thought [ϭ reporting clause of thought, or non-clausal equivalent]) NI ϭ Internal Narration NRTA ϭ Narrator’s Representation of Thought Acts IT ϭ Indirect Thought FIT ϭ Free Indirect Thought DT ϭ Direct Thought FDT ϭ Free Direct Thought (NRW ϭ Narrator’s Report of Writing [ϭ reporting clause of writing, or non-clausal equivalent]) Methodology 31 NW ϭ Narrator’s Representation of Writing NRWAϭ Narrator’s Representation of Writing Acts IW ϭ Indirect Writing FIW ϭ Free Indirect Writing DW ϭ Direct Writing FDW ϭ Free Direct Writing It is now time to discuss a more complex annotated example in greater detail.

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