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By Valentina Bianchi

The booklet means that the Antisymmetry concept, even though extra restrictive than the normal X-bar thought, thoroughly characterizes the category of attainable constituent constructions.

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B. (35) a. b. (36) a. b. I showed Mary to herself. * I showed herself to Mary. I sent every check, to its, owner. I sent his, paycheck to every worker,.. I sent each boy to the other's parents. * I sent the other's check to each boy. I sent no presents to any of the children. * I sent any of the packages to none of the children. In this case, it is possible to assume a multiple branching structure and argue that it is the PP node that prevents the second object from ccommanding the first one. This assumption, however, cannot account for the data in (37)-(40), reported by Jackendoff (1990), where two Ρ Ρ objects show the same left-to-right asymmetry.

I have with blue hair yesterday a man seen. Thus, the class of constituents that can be extraposed does not coincide with the class of elements that can be moved. In German, for instance, DPs can move leftward but they cannot be extraposed. These asymmetries suggests that extraposition is not an instance of (rightward) A' movement. Furthermore, there is evidence to the effect that extraposed constituents are very low in the structure. Binding phenomena show that a relative clause extraposed from the direct object is c-commanded by VPinternal complements: 20 The theoretical background (47) I -would not tell everyone; all the details at once [that he, might be interested in].

In the early matching analysis, the relative clause contained a NP identical to the "head", called the relative NP, which was fronted at the beginning of the relative clause and then deleted and replaced by a relative 34 Restrictive relative clauses pronoun. In virtue of its identity to the NP "head", its deletion satisfied the recoverability condition (cf. Stockwell—Schachter—Partee 1973: 467-470; Chomsky 1965: 145; Ross 1967: 65). The deletion under identity approach became subsequently obsolete.

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