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That linguistics, L2 acquisition and speech pathology impinge on one another in parts of important significance to every self-discipline seems virtually indisputable. All 3 fields are considering the characterization of language in a single shape or one other; and all take care of the purchase of language via one section of the inhabitants or one other. yet even though those fields of inquiry proportion a normal area, the explicit targets of the person disciplines are exact in that every methods the matter of language description and acquisition from a unique viewpoint. each one box has built services in its respective zone of the matter of language description and acquisition. it sort of feels moderate, then, that every box has whatever to give a contribution to, and anything to achieve from, the others. it's the target of this quantity to create a discussion during this zone that's either fruitful and ongoing.

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PossibiLIty one: Fixed UG Under the first approach, which will be called a FIXED UG, UG plays LIt­ tle or no role in the adult L2 acquisition process. Within this context, while UG in its entirety may inform and constrain child L1 acquisition, it is unav­ ailable to the adult in this form. That is, while the child at the initial state may have available to her the entire set of options provided by a theory of UG, the adult L2 learner will either not have any of these options or only a very LImited set available.

The data from Study 2 for the Low and Mid proficiency groups, while matching the trends isolated for the High group is yet too scant to be reliably reported. An extended set of results with more speakers at these two levels will be reported in Flynn, Lardiere and Babyonshev (in preparation). 7. The profiles of the Japanese speakers in both Study 1 and 2 were comparable. For the purposes of this paper, speakers at the High level were from the same socio-economic backgrounds (all were graduate students or professionals) ; the number of years of ESL study matched, and most importantly, both groups were comparable in terms of their ESL proficiency levels as measured by the Michigan Test.

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