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By Leila Lomashvili

Complicated predicates current diversified degrees of complexity on the syntactic and morphological degrees crosslinguistically. the focal point of this e-book is a subset of those buildings (causative and applicative) in 3 polysynthetic languages of the South Caucasian language kin, within which the practical morphology linked to the argument constitution of those buildings is strangely wealthy. because of such concentration, the syntax-morphology interface in causative and applicative buildings is topic to scrutiny in major chapters of the ebook. The research contains the argument constitution of causatives and applicatives in addition to the morpho-phonological instantiation of the practical heads all in favour of those structures. The e-book is written very in actual fact and is available for a large viewers together with undergraduate scholars within the introductory syntax and morphology classes in addition to graduate scholars in easy syntax classes and seminars in linguistics. It obviously appeals to a normal linguistic viewers drawn to theoretical linguistics.

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Sg’ b. 14 Other syntactic factors are also implicated in the spellout of subject and object person agreement in these complex forms, which I will not discuss here for space reasons. Note that tense/mood/aspect markers in these extended verbal units are kept intact, which again shows that they are not fused with the person/number agreement morphemes. 14. e. e. 3rd person. Marked arguments are usually [+participant].  Complex Predicates Person agreement is not of direct relevance for the morphosyntax of complex predicates discussed in this work but it is important for the analysis of various types of causative and applicative predicates because of the way these constructions display variability in case marking of their main arguments.

Acc [Dative] Perfective series Dative nom [gen-PP] Note that the case marking of the subjects of unergative verbs is the same as that for transitives, but objects are not projected in unergative structures. The examples in (41) illustrate the case marking of subjects and objects in double object constructions (DOCs) across the various series: (41) a. Present series (active): Nodar-i bavshv-s t’k’bileul-s chuknis. ’ b. Aorist Series (active): Nodar-ma bavshv-s t’k’bileu-i achuka. ’ c. Perfective Series (active, irrealis): Nodar-s bavshv-is-tvis t’k’bileul-i uchukebia.

12. I refer a reader to Lomashvili & Harley (to appear) for detailed explanation of the role of templates in the spellout of agreement morphology in Georgian. 13. e. they are marked with the morphological nominative marker. Chapter 1. Preliminaries  c. The Perfective series: dato-s she-dzulebia Vano-Ø. ’ In these examples, the third person dative subject triggers the ‘m-set’ agreement on verbs which is spelled out as zero. The first person nominative theme object of psychological verbs in (44) triggers ‘v-set’ agreement on verbs as illustrated in the following: (44) dato-s me mo-v- e-nat’re.

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