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By Carol Myers-Scotton

Carol Myers-Scotton has edited a set of essays that covers the alternative of 1 type of English over one other in every thing from Bible translations to "surprise in poetry" to supervisor-worker interactions at the motor vehicle meeting line. an enormous topic constructed to various levels in those papers is the proposal that audio system and writers, as rational actors, make the most the unmarked-marked competition concerning viewers expectancies with a view to exhibit messages of intentionality charged with social or mental import.

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That is, a second reason for not making a marked choice which might optimize the outcome, which would negotiate a desired RO set, is that the speaker's subjective and objective evaluations of the probability of success tell the speaker that chances of success are low. That is, making a marked choice might not be following the stricture of rationality to base decisions on available evidence. Further, it is often simply safer to make the unmarked choice. , risk aversion is stronger than the profit motive).

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