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Mr Gum and the Secret Hideout

The 8th Mr Gum adventure—as ridiculous as ever

Talking parrots within the rooftops? an immense cactus at the excessive road? Mosquitos so nasty that even their very own acquaintances don't like them? Something's long past extraordinarily incorrect in Lamonic Bibber . . . and Mr Gum is nowhere to be stumbled on. definite, fogeys, Polly and Friday are dealing with their greatest problem but. So strap yourselves in, cry "HI-HO-WEIRDY! " and prepare for an experience so loopy your toes will soften with happiness! And I'm not only announcing that, I've truly noticeable it ensue.

Winnie the Pooh - The Honey Tree

In a single of his vintage adventures, Pooh eats an excessive amount of honey at Rabbit's condominium and reveals himself too rotund to slot via Rabbit's door.

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Turn to 225. 66-67 66 The Banshee ploughs on towards the Shoals of Trysta. Roll three dice. If the result is less than your CREW STRENGTH, add 4 days to your LOG. If the result is equal to or greater than your CREW STRENGTH, add 5 days to your LOG. As you near the treacherous reefs off the island of Trysta, a vicious squall starts up from the north and looks as if it might turn into a major storm. Will you run with the storm by heading south (turn to 103), or tack north, into the wind, to sit out the foul weather (turn to 142)?

Turn to 176. 42 Cutting your way through the jungle, you penetrate into the interior, coming face to face with the biggest and ugliest looking critter you have ever seen. Hundreds of tree-trunk legs support a body twice as long as the Banshee, while its head - which is mostly mouth - is stacked with knives for teeth. Will you run (turn to 54) or fight (turn to 70)? 43-44 43 Giving full sail to the Banshee and putting every man armed and ready on deck, you head at full speed towards the line of Marad galleys, aiming between the dipping oars of two ships.

For each point of CREW STRENGTH you wish to recover, you will have to spend 20 Gold Pieces. When you have completed your recruiting, turn to 180. 29-30 29 Jumping forward, you deliver a swift elbow into the Cyclops' ribs, causing it to double over - deduct 2 points from its STAMINA. As it leans over, it delivers a back-handed slap to your head, sending you reeling to the ground-lose 2 points of STAMINA. The Cyclops recovers first, grabs you by the arm and lifts you into the air. Will you: Kick it in the shoulder?

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