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Well, you won't have to do any more work now, Dor. That's one good thing. You'll be able to sit and watch the T. V. "4 Chapter V GLAMOUR All through February, Ally was trying to attain glamour. She bought a bottle of nail varnish and she manicured her nails. The only trouble was that with so much washing up 5 the varnish did not stay on very well. All the time she had to put on new coats of varnish; but the dirt got in between them, and that made her nails look peculiar. She hadn't enough money to buy any varnish remover.

By the time she had prepared tea, washed up, done the ironing,1 sewn on a few buttons and sent the children to bed, she was glad to go to bed herself. So it was a great event for her when she went two or three times a year to see her parents who had a little market garden not far from London. Sometimes if she went on a Saturday she would take one of the children to show off to Grandma,2 but that couldn't be done very often as it cost money. It was after Len had recovered, and while Mum was still at home, that she and Ally went to Wych Cottage together.

What luck! Suddenly he remembered that there was no light on the third landing. So that flight might be the worst place of all. If he passed it safely, he might be all right. Going up silently on tiptoe, Val could smell kippers. He thought enviously of the lucky grown-ups who could come home to their tea every night without fearing anybody or anything. Passing the dark corner he stretched out his hands. Nothing. He was almost up. Safe. One more flight to home. 8 Luckily, Thompson was not in a mood for fighting.

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