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Presents a truly transparent consultant to sedimentary rock forms as visible below the microscope supported through functional facets of slide education.

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L/anel�r Formation. Lower Carbo­ niferous. 8. 82: Unstai11ed thin section. Wenlock Limestone. Silurian, Mafl•em Hills. En�land: magnification x 13. PPL. 83: Stai11ed tlli11 section, L01rer Jurassic. Greece: magn(/ic­ atioll x I I . PPI�. 38 Carbonate rocks Skeletal particles (Bioclasts) Introduction Skeletal particles, or bioclasts, are the remains, complete or frag­ mented. of the hard parts of carbonate-secreting organisms. There is such a variety in the mineralogy. structure and shape of skeletal material that several books could be written on this subject alone.

Carbonate rocks comprise material formed mostly at or ncar I he site of final accumulation of the sediment. Much of the material is produced by biological processes. Two carbonate minentls arc common in older limestones - cah·ife. CaCO,. and dolomite, CaMg(C01}2. In recent shallow marine carbonate sediments the mineral aragonite, also CaC03• is abundant. However, it is metastable under the normal conditions prevailing in sediments and i� u�uall� dl-,,ol\cd once a limc'>tonc is exposed to circulating meteoric waters.

F:ng/wul: magnification x 13: 96 PPL. 97 XPL. 98: Srained tltin section. Quaremary. Cap Rltir. Morocco; nwgni/imtion x 31. PPL. IIIS are also shown in 73, 76. 78. 132. 133. 139. 148. 154. 178. 183 and 184. 44 99, 100 Carbonate rocks B i o c l asts Corals Corals arc best identified by their overall morphology. The rugose and tabulate Palacotoic corals were calcite. thu� their microstructures are well-preserved. The walls arc usually fibrous and small fragments which lack evidence oft he characteristic coral form can be difficult to 1dcnufy.

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