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By Stephen Makin

Stephen Makin offers a transparent and actual new translation of an influential and much-discussed a part of Aristotle's philosophical approach, observed through an analytical and important statement targeting philosophical matters. In publication Theta of the Metaphysics Aristotle introduces the ideas of reality and potentiality--which have been to stay critical to philosophical research into the trendy era--and explores the excellence among the particular and the potential.

Part of the Clarendon Aristotle sequence.

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The argument would be this. A substance is brought into existence because there are material precursors which can be worked on: one dog brings another dog into existence by fertilizing some matter. And material components secure the distinction between natural generation and destruction, on the one hand, and miraculous transformations and changes of place, on the other. When my dog dies there are material remains. It has not turned into the corpse (that would not be death, but an astounding transformation); nor has it just vanished elsewhere while a corpse has appeared in front of me (that would not be death but an inexplicable and discontinuous change of location).

For it seems that actuality most of all has its being qua change∗ which is why in addition people do not assign change to non-beings, though some other predicates, such as being thought about and being desired, are predicated of non-beings, but not being changed, 4 4 translation 1047b and this is because while not being actually they will be actually. For 35 some of the things which are not are potentially; but they are not 1047b because they are not in fulfilment. CHAPTER 4 If what has been said is the possible or follows from it,∗ it is evident that it cannot be true to say that this is possible but nevertheless it will not be, the consequence being that in this way what is impossible to be gets away.

At all events it is clear that it is prior in account (for it is because it can be active that what is capable primarily is capable, for example, I mean by able-to-build what is capable of building and by able-to-see what is capable of seeing and by visible what is capable of being seen; and there is the same account also in the other cases, so that it is necessary for the account and the knowledge of the one to precede the knowledge∗ of the other). In time it is prior in this way; what is actual, which is the same in form, but not in number, is prior.

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