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He sent out messengers to bring him at least some news of his vanished daughter. And the messengers came back silent. Not one of them comforted the king with so much as a grain of hope. So he had his son, Cadmus, called: “Go,” he said, “search and bring me your sister, Europa. Search the whole world and comfort my grief. ” Cadmus summoned his bravest warriors, chose a company from the best of them and set out into the world to find his sister. He roamed through countries known to him to those less known, and then to foreign places, further and further.

And because he thought he understood everything and was competent to decide on everything, he burst out: “That can't be. Pan's little song is a hundred times prettier. I like it, and if I like it, it must be better! ” Wrathfully Apollo went up to the king and took hold of his ears. At once they started to change shape, they grew longer and were covered with white fur. “Now you have such ears as you deserve,” said the angered god and disappeared. Midas touched his head and felt long donkey's ears.

The boat moored at the river bank and the souls of the dead went to their judgment. But Orpheus went to seek the ruler of the underworld. He passed over the meadow where wandered the shades of those who had been neither good nor bad in the world, he saw the region of the Blessed, Elysium, where the souls of good people rejoiced, and gloomy Tartarus. There, in troubles and torture, the souls of the dead were undergoing punishment for the evil deeds committed during their lives on earth. Wherever Orpheus came in Tartarus with his song, suffering disappeared so long as his voice could be heard.

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