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By Brian Muñoz, Matthew Landers

Throughout early sleek Europe, the turning out to be clinical perform of dissection brought on new and insightful principles in regards to the human physique. This selection of essays explores the effect of anatomical wisdom on wider problems with studying and tradition.

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Recent scholarship has seemingly rediscovered Mikrokosmografia, if only for the purpose of discussing Crooke’s challenge to Aristotle’s ‘one-sex model’30 – thereby linking the text to gender-based criticism for nearly a decade. Other scholars have pointed to the scandalous content of books 4 and 5, which describe and depict the female form in detail (and more inappropriately, in English). 31 More importantly, Crooke’s contribution to seventeenth-century anatomy remains largely unexamined. C. D.

Dickson’s The Financial Revolution in England (1967) document how state debts and international bullion shortages in the late seventeenth century prompted dramatic shifts in how Britons thought about and attempted to manage wealth. As Neal’s study shows, the issues of bullion shortages and state debt were largely a product of Britain’s growing interaction with international markets. Trade with Asian and Middle Eastern regions and colonial efforts elsewhere might produce wealth in the form of goods, but many Britons feared that coin was being drained from the realm in the process.

One suspects, given Burton’s insistence on the satirical nature of the Anatomy, that the inclusion of obvious failures in logic are in fact necessary. The existence of digressions marks one difference between the anatomy and scholastic treatise, as modalities. 47 Whereas treatises exist as expansions on, or extensions of the logical processes of the mind-searching-for-the-summa, anatomy affirms the importance of understanding parts. The treatise is concerned only with the verifiability of the whole, the anatomy with the demonstrability of the section in relation to the whole.

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