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By Marvin L. Colker

3 medieval Latin texts of remarkable literary advantage: a full of life discussion in regards to the hypocrisy of sinful clergymen, which supplies priceless insights into the psychology of priests who've strayed from the monastic perfect; a sequence of letters which show inner politics on the monastery of St Albans and narrate the sufferings of a pupil persecuted by means of his jealous instructor; and a suite of almost always lifelike and infrequently racy tales which derive a lot in their language from Petronius—the assortment additionally includes severe descriptions of varied segments of medieval society.

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Sine82 hac quippe ilia nichil prosunt quia quicquid utilitatis, quicquid ponderis habent ab ista accipiunt. [19] Audi preterea quas sodales irremotas hec, de qua nunc agitur, obediencia habeat. Mentem namque, quam uera obediencia possidet, prudencia fortitudo iusticia temperancia, quatuor hec contra aduersancium uniuersos impetus undique iminentes quadrant; mansuetudo preterea humilitas pudicicia fides spes 77. ut om. D (ss. fort. D2 ). 78. D*. 79. fructuoZ) (coir. fort. D ). quiZ>. 81. maxim(a in ras.

Scrurilia Z>. 155. inn(o in ras. D1 )cent(e in ras. D2)D. 156. ledere om. D (ss. D2). 157. hiis: in ras. D*. [41-44] 37 inclemencia, pro honestate irreuerencia, pro mansuetudine furor, pro benignitate rancor; hiis pro fortitudine pusillanimitas, pro sapiencia temeritas; hiis prorsus pro sancta meditacione immunda cogitacio, pro operibus iusticie profanacio; hiis pro dulcedine amaritudo, pro compassione indignacio, pro uerbo consolacionis inproperium, pro uirtute quoduis inest uicium; hiis pro frugalitate prodigalitas, pro equitate iniquitas.

134. marty(rii in ras. D2)D. 2accurrei(ut in ras. D2) D. 136. us in ras. D )D. 131. sicD. 138. qui om. D ). 139. con. D2). 140. ). 141. conscencia £). 142. ). 143. aut om. D (mg. D1). 144. iust(e in ras. D2) D. 145. sunt om. D (ss. D2). 36 CONTRA RELIGIONIS SIMVLATORES turn non ambigo. Verumptamen, ut uerbis apostoli utar, si adhuc hominibus placerem, Christi seruus non essem,a et sicut in psalmis legitur, "Qui hominibus placent confu(si> sunt," 146 etc. b Ipso adiuuante, cui omne uicium displicet, quod poscis aggrediar, sciens utique ilium fore de numero malorum cui ingrata fuerit inprobacio uiciorum.

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