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By Ahmad Al-Jallad

This quantity encompasses a special grammatical description of the dialects of previous Arabic attested within the Safaitic script, an old North Arabian alphabet used in most cases within the deserts of southern Syria and north-eastern Jordan within the pre-Islamic interval. it's the first entire grammar of any historical North Arabian corpus, making it an incredible contribution to the fields of Arabic and Semitic reports. the amount covers themes in script and orthography, phonology, morphology, and syntax, and includes an appendix of over 500 inscriptions and an annotated dictionary. The grammar is predicated on a corpus of 33,000 Safaitic inscriptions.

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The availability of high quality photographs makes it easy to check King’s readings—which introduction 25 are generally highly accurate—against the text on the stone. The work reflects a considerable advancement in Safaitic lexicography and grammar from the major editions produced in the 70’s and earlier, but nevertheless, many of the interpretations are now outdated and require revision. 2 Dissertations Many Safaitic editions exist in the form of unpublished MA theses and PhD dis-sertations from the Middle East.

The hypothesis that all of the non-ASA alphabets derive from a single ancestor which developed parallel to ASA gave rise to the idea that the languages which these scripts express constitute a linguistic unity, also called ANA. Thus, introduction 11 the notion of an ANA language, excluding Arabic, did not emerge from the close comparative study of the ANA epigraphy, but was motivated by assumptions about the interrelatedness of the ANA scripts. Because of this, the grammatical features of ANA were always defined against CAr and never positively in order to demonstrate the linguistic connection between these varieties on their own terms.

Whether such examples genuinely represent transitional forms or the knowledge of both scripts on the part of their authors is unclear. Mixed texts usually exhibit the Hismaic forms of the ḏ, ṯ, g, and ḍ glyphs. A. Macdonald (1989:77); the text reads l zhln bn hrds¹ bn hs²ll. 2 29 Example of a Safaitic-Hismaic mixed text4 Characteristics of the Individual Glyphs ʾ The basic shape is a vertical line with forks on both ends. (1) The arms of the fork can branch out symmetrically from the top of the shaft.

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