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If you are on an upland farm, are your stock liable to suffer from any deficiency disease? What precautions are taken to prevent this? 3. If you breed pigs, what precautions are taken to prevent anaemia? State the substance used, dose, and time of dosing. 4. What does it cost to add a proprietary mineral supplement to a tonne of concentrate mixture? C H A P T E R 7 777e constituents vitamins of the dry matter: IN COMPARISON with the other constituents the vitamin content of the animal or its food is extremely small.

12. What are villi and where are they found? 13. What is the function of the caecum and where is it found? In which class of stock is the caecum most important? 14. What is the main function of the large intestine—apart from the caecum? 15. Draw diagrammatic representation of the digestive system of the pig, horse, and ruminant, and label the parts. 16. Why is it the pig cannot digest fibre? 17. Why must fibrous feeds fed to horses be of the highest quality? 18. Of the four parts of the stomach of a ruminant, which is the largest and what is the capacity (in litres) of the stomach system of adult cattle?

Little can be done to remove the stress at this time, although T h e metabolism of an animal is the sum total of all the chemical reactions that go on within its living body. 32 An Introduction to Feeding Farm Livestock in the past measures were taken to stop the cow producing milk. A supply of calcium, however, administered directly into the blood-stream, can have rapid and quite dramatic results in restoring the animal to normal health. Practical aspects Under normal farming systems, where animals are being kept under fairly natural conditions and they have access to good quality grazings, there need be no worry about the supply of minerals.

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