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Furthermore, stand-alone inverters should also be able to blow fuses. This requirement is perfectly fulfilled with only a few inverters. 3 Typical electricity demands in rural areas Load profiles describe electricity demand depending on time. Load profile estimations are an important criterion for the selection of an adequate power supply system for a remote village. Load profiles may be different for each remote village. Figure 2-23 to 2-26 are load profile information in different areas in Europe and in South Asia regions [13, 17].

EIN ≈ EOUT (2-14) where E IN = E PV + E MG EOUT = E LOAD + E LOSS E PV Energy generated by the PV array [kWh] E MG Energy generated by the motor generator [kWh] E LOAD Energy supplied to the load [kWh] E LOSS Energy losses [kWh] The energy that has to be supplied from the motor generator can be determined as: E MG = E LOAD + E LOSS − E PV (2-15) The objective of efficient energy balance is to minimize the energy that has to be supplied from auxiliary energy sources. Additionally, the motor generator should be operated near its nominal power to achieve high fuel efficiency.

Type of cooling: Air-cooled units are easier to maintain than units are with water-cooling. • Mounting: A separately mounted fuel tank is often preferable to an enginemounted tank, which is subject to vibrations. 29 Chapter 2: PV-Diesel hybrid system technology • Meter: A meter to record the number of run-hours is a very useful feature. It helps the operators plan preventive maintenance. • Soundproofing: Soundproofed enclosures are usually expensive. Locally enclosures are often cheaper and, in the case of units installed outside, they also provide protection against the weather.

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