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By Sarah Borden Sharkey (auth.)

This booklet articulates the theoretical outlines of a feminism constructed from Aristotle’s metaphysics, creating a new contribution to feminist idea. Readers will realize why Aristotle was once now not a feminist and the way he may have turn into one, via an research of Aristotle and Aristotelian culture. the writer exhibits how Aristotle’s metaphysics can be utilized to articulate a very refined and theoretically strong figuring out of gender which may supply a hugely useful gizmo for distinctively feminist arguments.

This paintings builds on Martha Nussbaum’s ‘capabilities technique’ in a extra explicitly and punctiliously hylomorphist means. the writer indicates how Aristotle’s hylomorphic version, constructed to run among the extremes of Platonic dualism and Democritean atomism, can equally be used this present day to articulate a view of gender that takes physically alterations heavily with no lowering gender to organic determinations.

Although written for theorists, this scholarly but obtainable booklet can be utilized to handle more effective concerns and the ultimate bankruptcy explores girls in universities as one instance. This booklet will attract either feminists with restricted familiarity with Aristotle’s philosophy, and students of Aristotle with restricted familiarity with feminism.

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The two dominate feminists temptations have been either to downplay such differences—as Nussbaum and most more liberal feminists have done84—or to overemphasize those differences. This overemphasis on difference has been the same temptation for both more ‘traditional’ positions— such as Judge Bradley’s—and radical feminists, who think that the solution is to use technology to overcome biology. None of these, however, strikes me as a satisfying answer. Each runs the risk of overemphasizing that which is only an aspect of our development.

His raising of questions regarding possibly inferior innate abilities in women could not help but put doubts into the minds of girls world-wide about their potential to succeed in certain fields. And there are rightly fears that if such differences are chalked up to biology, there will be less motivation and commitment to discerning (and changing) the social factors that have contributed to the differences. ’ Summers’ call to look again at ‘innate’ differences threatens to undermine these successes.

She opens her book by saying: Women in much of the world lack support for fundamental functions of a human life. They are less well nourished than men, less healthy, more vulnerable to physical violence and sexual abuse. They are much less likely than men to be literate, and still less likely to have preprofessional or technical education. … women have fewer opportunities than men to live free from fear and to enjoy rewarding types of love…. In all these ways, unequal social and political circumstances give women unequal human capacities.

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