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By Helen Kalkstein Fragiadakis

This profitable application stresses an inductive method of speaking successfully in English through spotting and generating excessive frequency American idioms.

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You should also look for clues to the writer’s message in the passage’s other visual signals. Using Visual Signals • • • • • • • • • • Look at the title. Look at the opening and closing paragraphs. Look at each paragraph’s first sentence. Look for headings. Look for italicized and boldfaced words. Look for numbered lists. Look for bulleted lists (like this one). Look at any visuals (graphs, charts, tables, photographs, and so on). Look at any information that is boxed. Look at any information that is in color.

Journal Entry assignments ask you to write a short, informal response to what you read and to speculate freely about related ideas — perhaps exploring ethical issues raised by the selection or offering your opinions about the writer’s statements. Briefer, less polished, and less structured than full-length essays, journal entries may suggest ideas for more formal kinds of writing. Following these sets of questions are three additional features: • Writing Workshop assignments ask you to write essays structured according to the pattern of development explained and illustrated in the chapter.

If we look closely at plagiarism as practiced by youngsters, we can see that they have a different relationship to the printed word than did the generations before them. When many young people think of writing, they don’t think of fashioning original sentences into a sustained thought. They think of making something like a collage of found passages and ideas from the Internet. They become like rap musicians who construct what they describe as new works by “sampling” (which is to say, cutting and pasting) beats and refrains from the works of others.

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