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By Lincoln C. Chen, Jaime Sepulveda Amor, Sheldon J. Segal

Over the earlier decade, the AIDS pandemic has propagated so commonly and exerted this sort of dev­ astating influence that one may well appropriately ask the query, Why now not focus all AIDS efforts on sickness keep watch over by myself? Why hyperlink AIDS with women's reproductive well-being? what's the medical foundation for this linkage? and the way may relief~ regulate and women's well-being ambitions be promot­ ed concurrently? those questions represent the valuable issues addressed during this monograph. The 15 chapters during this quantity are meant to supply cutting-edge experiences of key interac­ tions among AIDS and women's reproductive wellbeing and fitness for an viewers of scientists and coverage makers within the AIDS and inhabitants fields. Impetus for this monograph is available in pan from what we understand to be an insufficient international reaction, up to now, to AIDS and women's overall healthiness ;>roblems. a standard platform has didn't emerge one of the disparate specialist groups operating within the parts of AIDS, STDs, and family members making plans. hence, endeavors in those fields were remoted, and possibilities for joint motion were neglected. a huge and, as but, unharnessed capability exists for strength­ ful interdisciplinary collaborations which could develop rules and courses opposed to those urgent illnesses of humankind.

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What other factors might alter the susceptibility of men to HIV-l? As discussed above, genital ulcers probably do increase men's susceptibility to HIV-l simply by providing a portal of entry. But do men with ulcers continue to have sex? Other STDs or genital conditions, such as balanitis, could alter susceptibility in the same way. If this were so, then the teaching of improved hygienic practices could reduce the susceptibility of men to HIV-I. POTENTIAL APPLICATION TO HIV-I CONTROL How does our knowledge offemale-to-male transmission ofHIV-l become incorporated into control programs?

The social context of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Popul Dev Rev 1989; 15(2): 185-234. 35. Mauldin WP, Segal S1. Prevalence of Contraceptive Use: Trends and Issues. Stud Fam Plann 1988; 19(6):335-353. 15. 16. 25 POLICY AND LEGAL ASPECTS OF AIDS INTERVENTIONS: INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILmES Harvey V. Fineberg Harvard School of Public Health INTRODUCTION AIDS is a disease without a cure. It is spread primarily as a result of personal behaviors, some of which are regarded by some people as immoral and some of which are, in fact, illegal.

The ultimate success of an SID control approach is dependent upon the answers to the latter questions. What is SID control? The available strategies to control STDs overlap with strategies employed to date for mY-l control. These strategies consist of modifying sexual behavior; encouraging use of barrier contraceptives; treating symptomatic cases; detecting asymptomatic infections; and tracing the sex contacts of infected individuals. The latter three strategies, which are specific to SID control, rely heavily on laboratory diagnosis and require substantial personnel resources for diagnosis, treatment, and contact tracing.

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