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By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

Ruby on Rails is helping you produce fine quality, beautiful-looking net purposes quick. you consider developing the applying, and Rails looks after the main points. Tens of millions of builders have used this award-winning e-book to profit Rails. it is a large, far-reaching educational and reference that is steered through the Rails middle group. in case you are new to Rails, you will get step by step tips. if you are an skilled developer, this e-book offers you the excellent, insider info you would like. Rails has advanced through the years, and this ebook has advanced besides it. We nonetheless commence with a step by step walkthrough of creating a true software, and in-depth chapters examine the integrated Rails good points. This version now provides new Ruby and Rails clients additional info at the Ruby language and takes extra time to provide an explanation for key strategies all through. top practices on the right way to follow Rails proceed to alter, and this version retains up. Examples use cookie subsidized classes, HTTP authentication, and energetic Record-based types, and the e-book focuses all through at the correct method to use Rails. also, this variation now displays Ruby 1.9, a brand new liberate of Ruby with mammoth practical and function advancements.

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Id There is one more data type worth mentioning—the regular expression. 0 printing, March 2011) 59 L OGIC Regular Expressions A regular expression lets you specify a pattern of characters to be matched in a string. In Ruby, you typically create a regular expression by writing /pattern/ or %r{pattern}. For example, you could write a pattern that matches a string containing the text Perl or the text Python using the regular expression /Perl|Python/. The forward slashes delimit the pattern, which consists of the two things we’re matching, separated by a vertical bar (|).

The next part of the pattern, hello, identifies an action. Rails invokes a method of that name in the controller. This action method creates a new Time object holding the current time and tucks it away in the @time instance variable. 4. Rails looks for a template to display the result. erb). 5. Rails processes this file through the ERb templating system, executing any embedded Ruby and substituting in values set up by the controller. 6. The result is returned to the browser, and Rails finishes processing this request.

As a result of all this analysis, the router knows it has to invoke the create method in the controller class LineItemsController (we’ll talk about naming conventions on page 267). 0 printing, March 2011) 50 R AILS M ODEL S UPPOR T The create method handles user requests. In this case, it finds the current user’s shopping cart (which is an object managed by the model). It also asks the model to find the information for product 2. It then tells the shopping cart to add that product to itself. (See how the model is being used to keep track of all the business data?

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